Mark Knopfler Gives Exclusive Permission for Local Hero Festival 2023 Performances

Mark Knopfler Gives Exclusive Permission for Local Hero Festival 2023 Performances

Mark Knopfler Gives Exclusive Permission for Local Hero Festival 2023 PerformancesMark Knopfler Gives Exclusive Permission for Local Hero Festival 2023 Performances

Dire Straits Blog would like to announce that during May 2023, the world will have the opportunity to visit the ‘Local Hero Festival’.

Andrew Mellon the festival planner, has contacted us and shared very good news. Namely, he shared the information that Mark Knopfler on 26th April 2023, has given the ‘Local Hero Festival’ permission to perform his songs at the festival concert series.

Mark Knopfler gave the coastal town of Banff a worldwide exclusive to perform his ‘Local Hero’ soundtrack and score as they celebrate the film’s 40th

The festival running in May, will honor the 40th-anniversary of the iconic movie, and take place along the Banffshire coast where the movie set was.

As Andrew shared, festival planners have formed ‘The Local Hero Theatre Company’ to produce a special 40th-anniversary concert series featuring a collection of songs from the musical as well as the Knopfler iconic film soundtrack and his famous “Going Home” anthem.

‘Local Hero’ put Scotland on the cinematic map. So, the residents of Banff, where much of the movie was set, are organizing a three-week festival to commemorate its 40th anniversary. The event will bring together superfans from around the world.

You can find more information about the tickets – HERE.

Mark Knopfler wrote the music for both the film and the musical. The musical has won critical acclaim with its productions to date, at the Edinburgh Royal Lyceum Theatre and last year at the Chichester Festival Theatre. It was due to transfer to the West End, but the pandemic meant this was postponed.

Andrew Mellon, the organizer of the upcoming ‘Local Hero’ festival has said:

“I drove 1,400 miles from Banff last year to see the Chichester Festival production of ‘Local Hero’. I’d call myself an avid theatergoer, and I truly believe this is one of the best musicals I’ve ever seen. It was enchanting and totally immersive, thanks to the incredible staging and music. (I actually prefer it to the film, but let’s not tell Bill Forsyth that!).”

The venue and Aberdeenshire Council rejected plans to stage the musical outdoors at Tarlair Lido in Macduff, which disappointed Andrew.

He hoped to bring the production from Chichester to Banff, offering festival-goers an incredible outdoor theatre experience. However, the first email dashed his hopes, forcing him to reconsider alternative options. Mellon remained optimistic about the festival’s success. He vowed to continue working to provide a memorable experience for all attendees despite the setback.

“However, I’m delighted that Knopfler has given us permission to use his music in our own ‘Local Hero’ production.”

Mellon has announced the creation of a new company called ‘The Local Hero Theatre Company’ to perform at the festival. “I’m excited that we’ve created ‘The Local Hero Theatre Company’, and I’m just thrilled that ‘Local Hero is coming home’ for its 40th!” Mellon has added.

Ahlyssa Mundy, a talented 28-year-old artist who has received classical training in singing, acting, and dancing, will perform in the 40th-anniversary concert series. Mundy will be headlining the performance and will play the role of ‘Stella’ from the original movie. The concert series will showcase a collection of songs from the musical. It will also feature the iconic film soundtrack composed by Mark Knopfler.

Additionally, the performance will feature Knopfler’s famous anthem “Going Home,” which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. This exciting new addition to the festival promises to be a highlight for attendees. It celebrates the legacy of this beloved film and its timeless music.

With thousands of superfans flocking to Banff to soak up all things ‘Local Hero’, the festival is quickly becoming the talk of the town. It is also becoming the talk of the country. Planners have already announced the launch of a special ‘Local Hero Brew’ as part of the celebrations. They have also announced a “Great British Rabbit Pie Off” as part of the festivities.

Local Hero Festival runs from the 6th of May until the 27th of May. This will be one of Scotland’s longest festivals, giving as many fans as possible the opportunity to attend.

Those interested can visit the ‘Local Hero Festival’ website.

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