Mark Knopfler concerts at Baths of Caracalla in Rome

Mark Knopfler concerts at Baths of Caracalla in Rome

Mark Knopfler in Rome 2019

Mark Knopfler and his band perform two Rome concerts under the stars this summer.

Namely, on 20-21 July, Mark Knopfler will perform two outdoor concerts at the Baths of Caracalla as part of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma summer programme, on 20 and 21 July.

The British guitarists and singer-songwriter is best known as the front man and driving force behind the rock band Dire Straits, which he co-founded in 1977. When the group disbanded in 1995, Knopfler embarked on a solo career.

Knopfler and Dire Straits have sold in excess of 120 million albums, thanks to hits such as Walk of Life, Romeo and Juliet, Tunnel of Love, Sultans of Swing, Money for Nothing and Brothers in Arms.

Baths of Caracalla (Teatro dell’Opera di Roma) – Rome, Italy.

History, charm and beauty have always been characteristic of the marvelous archeological site of the Roman Baths; Terme di Caracalla, an absolutely unique theatrical stage. The ancient Romans called them Antonian after their founder Marcus Aurelius Antonino Bassiano, known as Caracalla.

The Baths were opened in 216 a.d., during his reign, but the general belief among academics now is that, given the vast scale of the construction, it was probably his father, Settimio Severo, who conceived the idea of the Baths as a place capable of accommodating thousands of people at the same time.

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