John Illsley: The new album is on the way to come out in 2019

John Illsley: The new album is on the way to come out in 2019

John Illsley with Guy Fletcher in British Grove Studio. (December 2018)

The well-known ex-bass guitarist from Dire Straits –John Illsley today have share a beautiful news for all fans. Namely, he has shared that he works on his new album together with Guy Fletcher (another ex-member from Dire Straits – keyboardist and guitarist) in beautiful studio at British Grove.

From the picture that John has shared today at the social mediums, we can see that they are in good form and ready to rock’n’roll. Of course, we’ll expect an incredible album from John. We know his special guitar techniques and way of playing on a guitar, so we can’t wait on it.

“I have a new album on the way which will surface in the new year. Here are Guy and I finishing up the mix in beautiful studio two at British Grove,” he wrote on his post.

John’s last album named as ‘Long Shadows’ was released in 2016, it was very good album with couple of hits and it was accepted by the audience on the stage.

For now, we don’t have a news about the official name for the album, but definitely it’s gonna be а special name. If you’re maybe wondering about the album cover, we consider that will be something interesting from the John’s paintings.

The album became one of the best album in his solo career. Now, we’re expected something best that can come out from this phenomenal guitarist. John – thank you!

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