John Illsley “Live in Les Baux” album with Cunla band

John Illsley “Live in Les Baux” album with Cunla band

Live in Les Baux album.

“Live in Les Baux de Provence” is official live album by Cunla which are Irish folk band to which John Illsley and Greg Pearle are added. After 19 years with this album John Illsley get back his name on the cover of an album. In March 2005 in pub in Leicestershire, John meet up with Cunla band.

For the first time since 1993 he took the stage and played a couple songs of Dire Straits. After that, Cunla had performance at one summer party in Hampshire, which John was a hosting. John appeared with them on several occasions, and this album was occasion of the reproduction of the concert that they had together in Cathedrale of Lex Baux de Provence in France on 23 September 2006. John donated eight songs from Dire Straits, and album is also embellished with interesting covers of other major pieces of rock history.

This performance was recorded and was released as an album in 2007. Cunla with Illsley covered a couple songs of Dire Straits in an Irish style, with Johnny Owens replacing all keyboards and bass parts with traditional Irish violin.

This album is Live album and has 16 tracks, the genre is mix of rock n roll and folk traditional style. In October 2008, John released album “Beautiful You” and he went on a tour of Ireland with Greg Pearle.

“Beautiful You” is John’s 4 solo album and the second one released without assistance of Mark Knopfler.

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