‘Sultans of Swing’ – The song that can make your life beautiful

‘Sultans of Swing’ – The song that can make your life beautiful


Can you imagine every day to listened the same song? This is one text from one Spanish fan who started to listened ‘Sultans of Swing’ almost for a year. Every day, same song!

He said that at the beginning of all that, it was just a joke, but in the end ended with hard obsession. He is not a huge fan of Dire Straits, but ‘Sultans of Swing’ helps him in moments, when something was not good. Sometimes when he had hard weeks, alcoholic nights and when his heart was broken in hundreds of pieces, ‘Sultans of Swing’ had their magic rhythm and helps him in every moment of life.

For him, he said that he is a lazy person, and in his 35 years (almost 36) he live in a small flat, with empty refrigerator, mountains of dirty clothes and chronic impossibility to save. During his depressive weeks, he listened ‘Sultans of Swing’ and most of all this song help him.

Every day with no excuse he listening to Dire Straits, at home, at work, in car… now he is all right. After long time of listening this song, day after day for months, this song started to be of very importance for him. For him this song has some not-aggressive guitar arrangements in the background and every listener can listen this song. He said “The song is like cream…and saved my life during past year.”

“My real “relationship” with this song started in one bar called ‘Can Lluis’ – a place in the heart of Barcelona. The owner of this place, put ‘Sultans of Swing’ on the repeat. Every time when I was into that place, ‘Sultans of Swing’ was at background. Then I started to listen this song in my office and everywhere I were. I began to listen Dire Straits daily, and I found out that this band had some positive vibes for me, and they are happiness for my moments of my life. Something like freedom and fun.”

‘Sultans of Swing’ started to help me to move on. The song is like the humble victory of the loser with the small moments of simple brilliance that can make your life very beautiful. I made my life beautiful when I started to listened this song.

The point of this song is about some guys who have their routine, on Friday night they are all together and do their thing. And that is the whole idea of the song. The feeling and the energy that now generates to me. As I listened to them it day after day, I began to realize that my ironic point of view on the subject was dissipating and I was increasingly working as a true exalter of punctual happiness.

Now, every time I hear the applause of the beginning of the video, I am full of life.  There we are, with the Sultans of Swing. And then at the end, before the five-minute solo, Mark sings: “We are the Sultans, we are the Sultans of Swing” my heart bursts with emotion, freed from prejudice and sarcasm.

You know what guys…? We are the Sultans of Swing!

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