Four songs from the Balkans that are similar to the legendary ones from Dire Straits

Four songs from the Balkans that are similar to the legendary ones from Dire Straits


When we start to talk about Dire Straits there is a conversation that has no end. Dire Straits were one of the most popular bands in the world at one time. The band had many tours around the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, Australia.

If we see from today’s angle, many new bands have the opportunity to play songs from Dire Straits which were hits and still are. There is a bunch of songs from Dire Straits that are wonderful and still with a fresh sound.

Today’s post is for four songs from Balkan bands which are similar to some amazing songs from Dire Straits. “Why Worry”, “Brothers in Arms”, “Sultans of Swing”. If we just write the titles of the songs, they are special. But if we started to play these songs, they had their story.

At the best period of the Dire Straits era, back in 1985, they had their tour for “Brothers in Arms” which started from Yugoslavia. One beautiful country created with 6 different federal states or units with different nations including today’s countries Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

However, in that country Dire Straits had massive popularity the same as the other bands, people everywhere listened to Rock N’ Roll, Pop, Jazz and other genres of music. In the time, there were also bands like Dire Straits, formed in the late 60s and 70s which they have concerts and gigs till today.

Dire Straits tour started at city Split in Croatia and then they had a few concerts across all former countries. Many years after the tour of Dire Straits, well-known groups and artists in Yugoslavia began to listen to Dire Straits’ wonderful songs and use the rhythms in their new (today so-called “Ex-Yu”) songs.

Between they who used the rhythms and styles of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits is one popular band “Red Apple” as they call “Crvena Jabuka” – band from Sarajevo the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian singer – Doreta Dragovich better known as Doris Dragovich and Croatian band formed in 2009 “Klapa Sv. Florijan”.

They all had common songs that are similar to the Dire Straits songs. Band “Red Apple” has two songs similar to the Dire Straits songs. The first one song called “Riznice Sjecanja” or “Treasure of memories” from 1989 is very similar to the “Why Worry” song from 1985 album “Brothers in Arms”. So let’s hear how sounds this song.

And now, we will present to you the second song from Red Apple, a song called “Moje Najmilije” or “My Dear”, is a song from 1991 but is very, very similar to the best classic hit ever – “Sultans of Swing”. Hear below “My Dear”.

Now, you will hear one song from Doreta Dragovich. She’s song from 1995 which is called “Ti” or in translation “You” is very similar to the “Why Worry” song from 1985 album “Brothers in Arms”.

And probably the newest band from Croatia “Klapa Sv. Florijan” formed in 2009 has one song called “Nakon Dugog Lutanja” or in translation “After long wanderings”. This song is released in 2016, but is very similar to one classic from Dire Straits “Brothers in Arms”.

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