Last part of Legends Live: ‘Sultans of Swing’ & ‘Your Latest Trick’

Last part of Legends Live: ‘Sultans of Swing’ & ‘Your Latest Trick’


In the past weeks we published few posts, about one Belarusian musical TV show, which the final goal was been to made more musical and educational audience, listeners and watchers.

With program that last a few years, all the watchers of this TV show had opportunity to listen their favorites music songs, in performances by many young amateur and professional musicians.

There are already many people who played songs from Dire Straits as we can see from the past two posts, we had a chance to listen: ‘Calling Elvis’, ‘Twisting by the Pool’, ‘Walk of Life’ and ‘Money for Nothing’ by Dire Straits.

But, for the end we keep the best. ‘Sultans of Swing’ and the beautiful ‘Your Latest Trick’ song. The best classic song ‘Sultans of Swing’ in performance by band called Flat, rocked the studio of Legends Live.

Five minutes with so much Rock N’ Roll, that probably you must listen this version!

‘Your Latest Trick’ – in performance by Yuri Seleznev on the saxophone. Amazing video! Beautiful song with a lot of elegance voice by Yuri. The instruments are great, and the music sounds amazing. Probably this song would make you to bring some old good red wine and to bring some old vinyls, to hug your girl during this song plays and to stays together in one position all night long… Powerful song!

Enough words, open your ears and listen this beautiful melody!

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