Dire Straits & Sting at Live Aid – “Money For Nothing” 1985

Dire Straits & Sting at Live Aid – “Money For Nothing” 1985

Dire Straits and Sting.

With a two song set running at 18 minutes between rock giants U2 and Queen – British rockers from Dire Straits had their work cut out for them when they took the stage at 1985 on global jukebox Live Aid.

Dire Straits never played by the rules, so they made an explosive atmosphere with the audience with new released song “Money For Nothing”.

That day for Dire Straits appearance at Wembley it was special. Singer from The Police Sting joined them with “I want my MTV…” so you can hear on “Money For Nothing” – judging by the audience, that day Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits and Sting from The Police made a little crazy party there.

Fun Fact is that: The original cut of “Money For Nothing” includes a derogatory slur that can only be heard on the “Brothers In Arms” vinyl. But Knopfler defended the song’s original line, saying it didn’t reflect his personal feelings, but that of the song’s main character.

That it was incredible historic day for the music, just imagine how would it be that big stars like them to make a party like that today? If you missed Dire Straits at Live Aid check out this amazing video footage from that day below.


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