“Sultans of Swing” Solo from Alchemy Live Album

“Sultans of Swing” Solo from Alchemy Live Album

Lewis Turner.

After yesterday’s post about How to Play “Sultans of Swing” – Chords and Rhythm – where we shared at our Facebook Fan Page, one guy commented that Mark Knopfler is irreplaceable.

Yes that is correct, no one can be like Mark Knopfler. That guy who commented on the post is Lewis Turner which is pro-guitarist from South London in United Kingdom. Over the years he has built good career and his ability is to play many guitar different styles.

Lewis are played with many others artist around the United Kingdom. Lewis started at early age and went on to study at Guitar Institute in London.

Lewis Turner.

He found himself in a different playing situations over the years that made Lewis to learn other instruments from the Guitar family. As well as Electric, Acoustic, and Nylon Lewis can also play, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Bazooka and the percussion instrument Kalimba.

“The Beckoning Silence” is the title of Lewis’s first solo album that he released in 2010. Mark Knopfler is probably the guy who inspired Lewis to play guitar and try to learn how to play the old riffs and stuff which he can do it now in a brilliant way.

Down below you can check out his second guitar solo from “Sultans of Swing” from Live Alchemy album.

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