Dire Straits Blog: “Special Thanks to Mark Knopfler, Universal Music Studios & Salerno Mandi”

Dire Straits Blog: “Special Thanks to Mark Knopfler, Universal Music Studios & Salerno Mandi”

Mark Knopfler: The Studio Albums 1996-2007 LP Box Set© Dire Straits Blog Images 2021

In this blog post, our Dire Straits Blog team would like to give a special thanks to Mark Knopfler, Universal Music Studios, and Salerno Mandi.

As a team, we’re extremely grateful and honored by the team management of Mark Knopfler, especially because we’ve been awarded with one special gift directly from London, UK. Let us explain the whole thing and the reason why we’re writing this blog post.

Namely, as you already all know, our website is dedicated to Dire Straits. One of the best rock bands in music history ever.

We’re writing and sharing news about the band and news from the music in general around the world. Our blog includes news from guitarists, and news about the band’s ex-members because every one of them has now solo career.

As a group, we have our own Facebook and Instagram fan pages where we constantly share posts and pictures about Dire Straits. 2021 was a year full of interesting things, connections, and collaborations with many DS cover bands, musicians, and solo guitarists. Also, we’ve been in contact with Salerno Mandi from Universal Music Studios.

Big & Special Thanks to Mark Knopfler, Salerno Mandi & Universal Music Studios

Namely, Salerno Mandi wrote us a message and gave us support for our work. That was incredible news for us because at that moment we received the message from the official fan page of Mark Knopfler on Instagram.

So, thanks to Salerno Mandi we’ve made our collaboration with Universal Music Studios and Mark Knopfler. Dire Straits Blog was for the first time in touch with some such great names and people. It was an incredible feeling in our hearts, especially when we received our award for a great work for Mark Knopfler. Moreover, that was a gift from Salerno, Universal Music Studios, and Mark Knopfler for our work and our writings blog posts.

This really touched our hearts, because we’re working on this project (Dire Straits Blog) for a long time. We started our journey in 2017 and now we are at the beginning of 2022. That’s almost a full five years of working.

Our mission & More about LP Box Set (1996-2007)

Our mission is to keep alive the music that was created by Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, and all the ex-members of the band as well as David Knopfler, John Illsley, Pick Withers, Alan Clark, Guy Fletcher…

The gift that we received was the newest music LP box set from Mark Knopfler, including his first solo albums from 1996 to 2007. On this occasion, we would like to share that this music box is a real music gold treasure.

All of the vinyls have excellent and phenomenal sound clarity. They are originally and precisely musically processed, and completely capture every sound from Knopfler’s guitar and background instruments.

Listening to the vinyls from this music box, you indulge in the music that flows from the guitar. And during that moment you can experience the complete musical Nirvana in your world.

Our rating for this music box is 10 out of 10 for the musical tone and clarity in music. This also applies to the purity in sound, precision, originality, and professionalism in creating this music set.

The music box includes the first five solo albums by Mark Knopfler, and 11 LP on double 180gm vinyl. The whole box is remastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios.

View on the Mark Knopfler Studio LP Box Set pieces of vinyl.
© www.direstraitsblog.com 2021

Also, the music box includes two albums that are on vinyl type for the first time ever. Those are the albums: Golden Heart from 1996 and Sailing to Philadelphia from 2000.

Box also contains an additional album Gravy Train: The B-Sides 1996-2007, plus exclusive lithographs of all five albums.

Slipcase design was made by Chio Romero at Mystery / manager Julia Barklem. The artwork layout was by Matt Read at Combustion.

In honor of this collaboration, our team has made a special photo session of the music box set. During some of the next days, you’ll have the opportunity to see the complete photo gallery on our website. Enjoy!

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