Mark Knopfler: “Happy New Year to Everyone Around the World”

Mark Knopfler: “Happy New Year to Everyone Around the World”

mark-knopfler-happy-new-year-to-everyone-around-the-world-2022-dire-straits-blog-news-fans-followers-readersMark Knopfler: “Happy New Year to Everyone Around the World”

The famous guitarist and living legend from the rock band Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, congratulated the winter holidays to everyone from all over the world. Mark has sent his congratulations to all his followers and fans on social networks. Also, he congratulated the New Year 2022 and the Christmas holidays.

Dire Straits Blog conveys the message to our fans and followers in its entirety. The message is taken directly from the official website of Mark Knopfler. The message was compiled on Mark’s behalf by Terry Kilburn.

“Sending love and hope, happy Christmas and New Year wishes to everyone around the world in these challenging times.” – Mark Knopfler.

Also, especially interesting in this message is that Mark Knopfler has mentioned the ‘challenging times’. This applies to all those who struggle to persevere and spend these times healthy and alive.

It refers to all of us being good and always having faith and hope in us, to win over unpredictable times and moments that come along with the overall situation in the world.

Happy New Year and stay alive and healthy!


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