David Knopfler is on Patreon

David Knopfler is on Patreon

David Knopfler is on PatreonDavid Knopfler is on Patreon

The founding member of Dire Straits and brother of Mark Knopfler – David Knopfler is now available on Patreon. Since living the band, he recorded like 18 albums as a solo artist, some with major labels and some with independents.

Patreon is a membership platform that allows artists to bring their music directly to their audience. It works as a monthly subscription that gives you exclusive access and that you are free to cancel at any time.

David has joined Patreon to share his work and enjoy a closer, more interactive relationship with the people who have supported his career for over 40 years.

He will be sharing exclusive content, including at least two music downloads per month. As well as behind the scenes videos and studio content.

“In some ways, it is similar to Facebook or YouTube. Because, there is a “feed” where I can interact with you and where I can post photos, music downloads, and video content.”

“One of the things I plan to provide to my patrons is free music downloads that only you will get. I’m in my studio almost every day, writing and recording, and I always record far more songs that I have space for on CDs.”

“In addition, my patrons will receive early release downloads of my songs months before they make it to a CD. Patreon also gives me the chance to get feedback directly from you while I’m still in the studio. For example, I might have three different versions of a song in the process. It would be cool to get your opinion on which version people might prefer before committing it to a CD.”

“I will also be sharing exclusive photos (past and present), videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses into my studio, live Q&A session, art-in-the-post. You can tell me what you’re interested in seeing me include and we can build it from there. We’re in this together,” David has written.

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David Knopfler is on Patreon

Source: https://www.patreon.com/DavidKnopfler

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