A Message from Mark Knopfler

A Message from Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler

At these difficult times, we need to unite all together and overcome the pandemic that surrounds the world. It takes effort and faith, love in us that would shine from our souls and will overcome the bad which is around us.

It seems that our legend, Mark Knopfler it would be back in the studio and record some new songs. During this time, when we are in our homes, Mark is in the studio and work on his songs. Yesterday, he had a message for all his fans in the world. He wrote:

“I’m thinking of everyone as we navigate these difficult times. They will pass, as they always do. I aim to be back in the studio recording songs as soon as possible. Take care of one another, keep calm and keep safe. We will pull through. Love, Mark.”

A message from Mark Knopfler (March 2020).

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