Paul McCartney about life and things you should never forget

Paul McCartney about life and things you should never forget

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney from the legendary “Beatles” is renowned for his extraordinary musical talent and lyrics that reach everyone hearts.

His contribution to the world music price is unquestionable and it’s very well known to everyone.

But what you may not know about him, is that he has made a very good wise list that we should have at our mind in every moment.

Things that are mentioned in the list, remind us how much we should value things in life and how beautiful is life. See what Paul McCartney wrote down on his list.

  1. Your existence is a gift for the world.
  2. You are unique.
  3. Your life may be exactly like you want to be.
  4. Go slowly, day by day, step by step.
  5. Remember on the good times, not the misfortunes.
  6. You will succeed, whatever happens in the process.
  7. All answers are found in you yourself.
  8. Understand everything, gather courage, be strong.
  9. Do not limit yourself.
  10. Many dreams waiting for you to accomplish them.
The Beatles

11. Decisions are too important to pass on the case.
12. Stretch your hand to your victory, your goal and your reward.
13. Nothing consumes more energy than concerns.
14. The longer you carry on the problem in side you, the more difficult it becomes.
15. Remember that a little love will follow you for long.
16. Remember that many things will follow you forever.
17. A life treasure are the people who live life together.
18. Remember, it’s never is too late for something.
19. Do ordinary things in an unusual way.
20. Have hearth, hope and happiness.
21. Before every beginning, always find time to love.
22. And never forget to remember every day how special you are.

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