Songs written by Mark Knopfler – Part 1

Songs written by Mark Knopfler – Part 1

Mark Knopfler

As we know, Mark Knopfler is one amazing artist, with huge music experience. When he started to perform seriously with Dire Straits, they all said that he is the new genius and next best guitar player.

So it is. Mark Knopfler was and still is genius and one of the best guitar players. With Dire Straits he had amazing career and his ‘over to the top’ is actually period when he was with Dire Straits and all his bands mates and others members.

There are many songs written by Mark Knopfler. All artists in the period of their best moments of the career, do amazing things and created incredible songs and music.

As we know, all six albums from Dire Straits, has between 7 and 9 songs. So, if we consider that Mark Knopfler has written more of the songs on each albums, we can say that some songs have never been released as singles or album songs under the name of band Dire Straits. That is probably the reason why some of the songs that Mark had written, have are given to others musicians.

However, we have enough songs from Dire Straits which made special history in the music world. Here are three songs written by Mark Knopfler and their story, enjoy.

“The Bug” – 1991

“The Bug” is song written by Mark Knopfler and originally performed on the last studio album of Dire Straits in 1991 – “On Every Street”. This song is the fourth and final UK single from the album and it is also Dire Straits final single release in the United Kingdom.

The other songs from the album were selected to be released as singles in other countries “You and Your Friend” in France and Germany and “Ticket to Heaven” in Netherlands. “The Bug” debuted at number 63 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks for the week of 21 August 1993.

“The Bug” it is also covered by Mary Chapin Carpenter on her 1992 album “Come On Come On” and was released as a single in 1993 and peaking at 16 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles and Tracks. Her version of “The Bug” is included on the soundtrack of the 2006 computer animated film Everyone’s Hero.

“The Bug” is also recorded on the albums “Blues Ballads” in 1996 by The Alex Bollard Assembly and “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” – 2002 by Mike Berry & The Outlaws.

“Are We in Trouble Now” – 1996

This song is originally written by Mark Knopfler for Randy Travis – American country music artist. The song is released in June 1996 as the first single from the album “Full Circle”, and reached number 24 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart.

“Are We in Trouble” song it is also recorded independently on Mark Knopfler’s 1996 album “Golden Heart”, and the song it was released as last song of the album.

“Boom, Like That” – 2004

This song is written by Mark Knopfler for his album “Shangri-La” from 2004. Including “Darling Pretty”, this song is one of only two songs by Knopfler who reached the UK Top 40 hitting number 34.

“Boom, Like That” song is released on 20 September 2004, 8 days before releasing “Shangri-La” album. The subject of the song is Ray Kroc – McDonald’s entrepreneur, Mark was inspired by his autobiography.

For this song was discussed a lot, before some months ago, when movie about life of Ray Kroc was published named as – “The Founder”.

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