Sunday Movie – “Stardust” (2020)

Sunday Movie – “Stardust” (2020)

Sunday Movie – “Stardust” (2020)Sunday Movie – “Stardust” (2020)

Stardust” is a 2020 movie about David Bowie and it was officially premiered in London, UK. The film’s story focuses on one brief but important part of Bowie’s career.

During his first visit to the US in 1971, he realized he would never become great if he will be only David Bowie. A trip inspired the invention of his iconic alter ego – Ziggy Stardust.

David has reinvented himself through Ziggy Stardust. That was his alter ego who brought him world fame.

Johnny Flynn who in addition to acting has six albums behind him had to lose 15 kilograms for the role of the film. The reason is that at the time the film recreates Bowie, David weighed less than 50 kilograms.

The aggravating fact for the film to reach a wider audience is that not a single original Bowie song is heard in it. Bowie’s family had previously distanced themselves completely from the project. The project was not authorized by the family.

For the film, Flynn had composed a new song that sounds like a lost Bowie song from that time. Less well-known arrangements performed live by Bowie on the 1971 US tour can also be heard in the film.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the project has failed. Fact that it is a biographical film of a celebrity’s life is essential but not crucial.

Despite not having Bowie’s music, the director managed to dive deep into the genesis of creating one rock icon.

Watch the trailer below and comment if you like the movie!

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