New Documentary Film – “Bob Dylan: Odds and Ends” (2021)

New Documentary Film – “Bob Dylan: Odds and Ends” (2021)

bob-dylan-news-documentary-sony-pictures-odds-and-ends-2021-july-new-dire-straits-blog-post-movies-films-film-fans-followers-official-trailer-youtubeNew Documentary Film – “Bob Dylan: Odds and Ends” (2021)

Today we want to propose to you another interesting documentary film about the legendary Bob Dylan. This documentary is new and it was released in July 2021 in New York and Los Angeles.

“Bob Dylan: Odds and Ends” is a new two-hour film composed of archival interviews, promotional videos, and documentary shorts. It tells the stories of some of the most important moments in the legendary artist’s career.

The Directors of this documentary were Jennifer LeBeau and John Hillcoat. Jennifer was also the writer of the documentary. Sony Music Entertainment (SME) alongside Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) stands behind this project.

The company distributed five other essential film titles from the Bob Dylan catalog. If you’re a fan of Dylan’s music and history, you can watch all those films as well as the new one HERE. They’re available for digital download and on-demand.

Official Trailer for ‘Bob Dylan: Odds and Ends’ (2021)

President of Sony Music Entertainment – Tom Mackay, was very happy because the company is a part of the history of Bob Dylan. He also said:

 “Bob Dylan has one of the most iconic catalogs in music history and we are honored to bring it to life. With Sony Pictures, we are giving fans an exclusive inside look at rare, revealing moments from his career.”

Jason Spivak, the executive vice president of SPE for North America said:

“Bob Dylan is one of the most influential musicians of our time with a global fan base. We could not be more excited to give his fans an inside look at his career through Bob Dylan: Odds and Ends.”

“Bob Dylan: Odds and Ends” and the other Bob Dylan film essentials are available now – click HERE.


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