“Done With Bonaparte” – Mark Knopfler Acoustic Cover by Jake Thistle

“Done With Bonaparte” – Mark Knopfler Acoustic Cover by Jake Thistle

jake-thistle-done-with-bonaparte-mark-knopfler-solo-album-golden-heart-1996-acoustic-video-cover-youtube-news-fans-fanclub-dire-straits-blog-post“Done With Bonaparte” – Mark Knopfler Acoustic Cover by Jake Thistle

In this blog post, we’re presenting you with another great acoustic performance by Jake Thistle. This time it’s about the song “Done With Bonaparte” from Mark Knopfler’s first solo album Golden Heart (1996).

This cover video is from 2020, but it still seems fresh and good to listening and enjoying, especially because Jake made all his video versions really professionally.

For those who didn’t know, Jake Thistle is our longtime friend and follower. We love to support his work and to share his video covers with our followers.

Down below you’ll have a chance to watch and listen to his full acoustic cover video for the song “Done with Bonaparte”. For our blog, he also said:

“This is the first cool and different song from Mark Knopfler. After the music, history is one of my favorite things. So, I’ve really been enjoying some of Mark Knopfler’s history-inspired songs.”

“The song “Done With Bonaparte” pictures the disillusionment with Napoleon’s troops after invading Russia, but it’s more interesting than that description. The album version has a really full sound with a lot of instrumental layers, so I wanted to see if I could get it to work as a solo acoustic. Hope you’ll like this,” he finished.

You can also click HERE to listen to the others video covers by Jake Thistle.

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