July 3, 1971 – A day which came as a music shock for the whole world

July 3, 1971 – A day which came as a music shock for the whole world

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was one amazing singer, a man with incredible passion over the women’s and icon of the Rock N’ Roll music in the world.

July 3, 1971 – was day who came as a shock to all fans of Jim Morrison and The Doors around the world. Jim was found in his apartment in Paris, France, which he shared with girlfriend Pamela Courson. He was only 27, young, handsome and an icon.

His family wasn’t notified on his death, until after he’d been buried in the Pere Lachaise cemetery, without an autopsy and without his family there to say “Goodbye” or “I love you” one last time.

There are bunch of stories what actually happened to Jim that night. But no one knows what really happened. The story is that after spending the day prior to his death with Courson and friends Morrison returned to his apartment at around 1 am and began drinking, doing heroin with Courson before a coughing fit sent him to the bathroom to run a hot bath, becoming and vomiting blood.

And after 46 years of that, there isn’t a rock figure alive who has captivated the world the way Jim did during the course of his short life.




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