“What It Is” – Mark Knopfler Cover by Mike DiFiore

“What It Is” – Mark Knopfler Cover by Mike DiFiore

“What It Is” – Mark Knopfler Cover by Mike DiFiore“What It Is” – Mark Knopfler Cover by Mike DiFiore

“What It Is” is one of the greatest songs by Mark Knopfler. This song is the first song from the second solo album by Mark, Sailing to Philadelphia (2000).

Today, we would like to share with you another cover video by Mike DiFiore. We have already shared some blog articles about him. Probably you already know him and you know his performances. Mike is a 31-year-old guitarist, songwriter, music producer, and recording engineer from London, UK.

Below is the video performance for the song which is from April 4, 2014. Since then, the video has had almost 5,000 views on YouTube.

“Sorry about the bad camera work, one of the shots is out of focus and the shutter speed was too slow,” he said.

At the time when this video was uploaded Mike was 24 years old. Quite a young and inexperienced student in the music world. This video shows us a good vocal, Knopfler’s rhythm, and at the end a really cool version of this song.

Mike’s performances are now at a higher level, and it can be said that he continues to improve his skills. There is no perfection in the music world. There is always someone who is more advanced and better than you, but to be realistic Mike DiFiore knows how to satisfy the audience and reach the hearts of every fan.

Enjoy this version of “What It Is” and click here if you would like to read more about Mike and find more videos of him on Dire Straits Blog.

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