“Where Do You Think You’re Going?” – Dire Straits Cover by Yann Gutter

“Where Do You Think You’re Going?” – Dire Straits Cover by Yann Gutter

where-do-you-think-youre-going-dire-straits-cover-by-yan-gutter-news-fan-club"Where Do You Think You're Going?" – Dire Straits Cover by Yan Gutter

“Where Do You Think You’re Going?” is a song that touches many hearts, and it is also one of the best songs of Dire Straits.

Our friend and follower Yann Gutter, also a solid musician and solo artist for our blog shared his home version of this classic hit song. In addition, in this article, you can read what he shared about this song and you can watch the whole video performance down below.

“I’ve always loved this song. For as long as I can remember, it was one of the first Dire Straits songs I’ve listened to. And it’s also one of the first I’ve learned to play on the guitar. Of course, as I’ve learned it by ear, I had a lot of wrong technics then. But I managed to catch the chords and the mood. This song has followed me for many years!”

This video performance is recorded on 31st December 2020. Yann recorded the video at home, very quickly on his resonator guitar. After the first listening, he decided to record the electric guitar part, so that is the story of how this video was recorded. “It was 31st December, I didn’t want to call the whole band as I did for the previous videos. It has been a little busy day,” he added.

“For many years I was thinking that this song is played on 3 different guitars playing simultaneously. Until I’ve seen that live version recorded in Germany on YouTube.”

“Then I understood that Mark Knopfler was playing triads chords, a bit like in the “Sultans of Swing”. That video gave me the keys to how to play in a new way, and I’m pretty happy with the result,” Yann said.

Since that discovery, Yann Gutter has added this song as the opening one for their shows with the band. Enjoy the video below.


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