Wes Leurs is back with original music influenced by Mark Knopfler

Wes Leurs is back with original music influenced by Mark Knopfler

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If you are our true fan and reader and if you constantly reading our blog posts, you already familiar with Wes Leurs. A few months ago, we wrote a blog post about Wes and his music.

Namely, Wes and his friends Bo and Daan, have made a few cover versions from songs of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler. This time, Wes is back again with us, but with his original songs and music, who himself says that he made the songs influenced by Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and J.J. Cale.

Wes released his first EP with four original songs, and because we have same fans we want to support his work. We asked him about the whole idea of how he started to wrote and create music songs, and he told us an interesting thing.

Wes Leurs

Otherwise, the songs from new EP are: “My Life in the Farm”, “You’ve Got It”, “I Don’t Know” and “Still Looking for It”. You can listen to them on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify by clicking on some of them.

“Around 2013 I joined at one worldwide group on Facebook about Mark Knopfler fans. Since then I met a lot of fellow Mark Knopfler fans. One of those fans was Bo Zølner. At the time, he was making some covers from Dire Straits songs and he needed some bass for his ‘Wild West End’ cover. So I recorded that and sent him the recording”, told Wes.

“Since then I started to record my own songs as well. I recorded my parts at home, and then I sent them to Bo, so that he could mix and mastered the material. Together with Daan Theoden (who we met on the group) we recorded some Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler covers. And after that, Dire Straits Blog shared our videos few times and we are very grateful for that”, added Wes.

“But now it is time for some original music. Over the past 2 years, I’ve made 4 original songs in collaboration with Bo and I thought it was time to release them as a whole. My music is heavily influenced by the great Mark Knopfler. I tried to get close to his fingerstyle technique of playing guitar, by watching him carefully and by a lot of practice. You can hear that in my songs as well. In almost every song you can hear a little bit of Knopfler. But also you can hear some J.J. Cale, Eric Clapton or John Mayer in my playing.”

“I hope you Dire Straits fans will enjoy what I have made. Thanks to Dire Straits Blog for sharing this and I hope that I will be back soon with new Dire Straits cover or maybe some new original music”, finished Wes.

You can click here to read the interview with Wes Leurs.

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