‘Walk of Life’ & ‘Money for Nothing’ on TV Show – Legends Live

‘Walk of Life’ & ‘Money for Nothing’ on TV Show – Legends Live


As we wrote about Legends Live – that is one Belarussian musical TV show, which is live on ONT Channel and the final goal is to make one educational and musical show for all watchers and listeners.

However, there are already many people who performed live at the show. Many of them, used Dire Straits songs. In the first post that we wrote about Legends Live, we shared two videos, from ‘Calling Elvis’ and ‘Twisting by the Pool’.

Now, we have new post with new two videos also from Legends Live, but this time from ‘Walk of Life’ and ‘Money for Nothing’.

The cover version from ‘Money for Nothing’ is by Andrei Kravtsevich. Andrei made good work with this cover version. He also singed this song in his own music style and rhythm.

The second video is for ‘Walk of Life’ – one amazing song which can make you to stand up and dance whole day… this cover video is from band called Hurma. They are all young musicians, three members play on guitars and one on drums. But we see that they loved songs from Dire Straits. Good choice HURMA!

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