Mark Knopfler in Madrid, Spain – 26 July (Gallery)

Mark Knopfler in Madrid, Spain – 26 July (Gallery)


26 July, 2013, Friday – Madrid, Spain, venue Las Ventas. Doors were opened at 20:30, people began to sit in their seats, and Mark Knopfler came up in 22:00.

The former leader of Dire Straits and one of the most successful artists of all time, before four years make his European Tour with almost 72 shows in 25 countries. Before this show, he was in Barcelona, then he went to Malaga, Gijon, San Sebastian and last show on his 2013 Tour was at 13, July 2013 in Spain, Calella de Palafrugell.

Mark went to Spain after his successful tour of 2010 when he presented ‘Get Lucky, and this time (Tour of 2013) he present his new album ‘Privateering’ released on 3rd September 2012.

Twenty new titles were recorded at the artist’s British Grove Studios in London with the following players: Richard Bennett (guitar), Jim Cox (piano) Guy Fletcher (keyboards), John McCusker (fiddle), Mike McGoldrick (whistle and flute), Glenn Worf (bass) and Ian Thomas (drums).

Knopfler was assisted by co-producers Guy Fletcher and Chuck Ainlay. ‘Privateering’ is Mark’s eights solo studio album with 20 original songs from Mark’s first ever double album in a 35 year recording career.

‘Privateering’ is a soulful and heartfelt collection masterfully performed by a group of world class players. Their songs cover a wide range of locations and characters from both sides of the Atlantic and move through a number of genres which include several new blues originals.

Knopfler and his band are looking forward to hitting the road once again in 2018, after he would release his new album scheduled for March, 2018. Amid the new material, when the audiences call for the songs that became part of all our lives, he will relish it. As he says: ‘I like playing the old songs, I wrote them and people like to hear them, it’s as simple as that’.


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