Two awesome performances by “dIRE sTRATS” in Germany

Two awesome performances by “dIRE sTRATS” in Germany


At the beginning, when Dire Straits started with live performances they had a lot of gigs around UK. Then they started to expand like a band at many European countries. At the time, Dire Straits had a lot of fans in Germany, and of course they still have.

“dIRE sTRATS” are band from Germany, actually they are tribute band to Dire Straits, and they want to share the sound which changed the music world long time ago.

The lead vocal of the band is Wolfgang Uhlich and he is regarded as the best imitator of Mark Knopfler, by many well-known fans at Germany and abroad.

Band members:

Wolfgang Uhlich – Lead guitar and vocal
Peter Spencer – Vocal und Rhythm guitar
Thomas Fiebig – Bass guitar
Tobi Blattmann – Keyboards
Jens Gernhoff – Drums
Mike Lindner – Pedal Steel
Matze Schinkopf – Saxophone

The band has firmly established itself in the German music scene with more than 500 concerts. The highlight is the victory of the nationwide Tribute Contest 2011 in Koblenz, with 100 participating tribute bands.

Their idea is to replayed the old classic hits with chance to create new fans. They have live program performances around Germany, same like Dire Straits at their beginning.

For all our readers we want to share two songs from this band. They had live gig in the North-Western part of Germany, in Lower Saxony in municipality Wardenburg. They performed two mega-songs from Dire Straits, “Lady Writer” and “Brothers in Arms”.

The beautiful part is that they did in very classic way. The guitarist used Pensa Suhr MK1 guitar, which gave more positive comments and expectations.

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