Mark Knopfler – A Life In Songs (Documentary Video Part 3)

Mark Knopfler – A Life In Songs (Documentary Video Part 3)

A Life in Songs

The show goes on, documentary continues. In this third part of documentary about Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits “A Life in Songs”, Mark Knopfler talks about his career during 1985.

He talks how he with others Dire Straits band members, released their “Brothers in Arms” album in 1985, album which make the biggest move for the band and make them to be the biggest band in the world.

Also in this part of documentary, Mark Knopfler talks how he wrote “Money for Nothing” song in New York.

During the 1985, Dire Straits on their “Brothers in Arms” tour, which lasted 12-months, played 247 shows in 100 cities including London and Wembley Arena. At the time Mark said: “A lot of people wanted to see the band play live, because they wanted to see the experience live”.

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