Third Special Colored Portrait of Mark Knopfler by Sonia Figueiredo!

Third Special Colored Portrait of Mark Knopfler by Sonia Figueiredo!

third-special-colored-portrait-of-mark-knopfler-by-sonia-figueired-dire-straits-blog-fans-fan-clubColored Portrait of Mark Knopfler by Sonia Figueiredo (2022)

Sonia Figueiredo finally has finished her third portrait of Mark Knopfler in color. Today, we would like to share her pictures from the portrait, as well as we want to share some interesting facts that she said to us.

Namely, Sonia since 2020 has been drawing portraits of Mark Knopfler. That’s her hobby and she enjoys doing it while she is listening to the Dire Straits songs in the background. Back in 2020 and 2021, Sonia has made her first and second phenomenal portraits of Mark Knopfler. If you want, you can click HERE to see those portraits.

Since her childhood, she has been a big fan of Mark Knopfler, and for her, he is her idol. She grew up with the songs of Dire Straits and has always enjoyed and still enjoys listening to them.

When she was a kid, every day she couldn’t wait to finish school to come back home and listen to the song “So Far Away.” Thus began her whole love for this band, music, and musical style – she said.


Today, she is living in the UK, and in her free time, she enjoys her hobby – drawing, sketching, coloring. She always loves to share her portraits with our readers on Dire Straits Blog.

This time, after almost a year, we finally got the third portrait of Mark Knopfler from Sonia. She shared interesting facts and moments from her life for our blog. Sonia has also shared where the inspiration for this portrait came from. The story is a bit sad, but certainly with a happy ending.

First and second picture during the process of drawing and coloring. (2022)

“This portrait was inspired when I was going through some old pictures back to July 2021. I stopped at one and said to my daughter: ‘That was one of saddest days of my life’,” she said.

“May 16, 1992 – Dire Straits were performing in Portugal, and I was at a family wedding listening to the concert on the radio. As I was only 16 at that time, my parents wouldn’t allow me to go to a concert without them. I had no idea that would be my last opportunity to see them live, otherwise, the feeling would have been much worse,” she added.

Colored Portrait of Mark Knopfler by Sonia Figueiredo (2022)

 “26- years later I had finally the chance to see Mark Knopfler in London and what a memorable night…a very emotional night for me that I will never forget,” Sonia has finished.

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