The Longest Live Version of “Sultans of Swing” (Video)

The Longest Live Version of “Sultans of Swing” (Video)

The Longest Live Version of “Sultans of Swing” (Video)The Longest Live Version of “Sultans of Swing” (Video)

After a long time, our dear and loyal fan Wes Leurs from The Netherlands is back again in the music. This time he recorded together with his band called Stone Edge.

Wes Leurs, whom you may have met in some of the past blog-posts, is a musician from The Netherlands. He has been interested in music almost since his childhood.

Musicians as J.J. Cale, Eric Clapton, and Mark Knopfler had the most influence over him through the years of learning and playing music and guitar.

This time he wanted to share with all you guys his longest version of the song “Sultans of Swing” by the legendary British band – Dire Straits. Below you will have the opportunity to listen to how that legendary song sounds in the live version.

“Listen to our live cover of ‘Sultans of Swing.’ This song is recorded live in July of 2019 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Every gig we play we always end with this song. It is our tribute to Dire Straits as we try to stay true to the original live versions by them, mixed with elements from later performances by Mark Knopfler.”

“We hope you’ll enjoy this cover as much as we did playing it. If you would like to hear more from our band, check out our debut album called ‘Burning Blue’ as you can hear lots of influences from Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and lots of other artists,” finished Wes.

Stone Edge’s live version for the song “Sultans of Swing,” is in a length of 9-minutes. You can expect a wonderful version with an incredible tempo of music and rhythm by the band.

Keep in mind that this is the very first live version of the band. They have also played in front of a large group of audience. We hope you will be able to feel the feeling of crowds and a good summer party.

Also, if you’re interested you can read the full interview with Wes Leurs that we’ve made. Click here to find all posts about Wes Leurs and his band!

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