‘Sultans of Swing’ – Ukulele version

‘Sultans of Swing’ – Ukulele version

Kye Gratton

We tried to contacted Kye Gratton but we did not get any feedback information from him. However, we just wanted to share his video on Dire Straits Blog – because he played pretty good song “Sultans of Swing” on his instrument – Ukulele.

With more of 540,000 views on his video on YouTube, this musician in just one minute made a good solo from “Sultans of Swing” on Ukulele. But the story behind this video is that Kye officially dedicated this video to one his friend- Julian whose birthday was on 10 April 2012 – probably the day before Kye share the video. Also in description of this video, states that Julian been requesting from Kye to play this song for ages.

That was officially written below this video on YouTube. Enjoy in this version of “Sultans of Swing” on Ukulele.


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