How it sounds “Brothers in Arms” on Acoustic guitar and Harmonica?

How it sounds “Brothers in Arms” on Acoustic guitar and Harmonica?


“Brothers in Arms” is probably the most beautiful melody in the world of music. Dire Straits know what they done with this song. Many people know this song and when they hear reminds them of perhaps the sad moments they had in their lives.

However,  Igor Presnyakov make another cover song from Dire Straits. This time that was “Brothers in Arms” song. On his acoustic guitar he made great job. This song can’t be played by everyone. Definitely, Igor knows his job and how to made that to be another amazing version from him.

The video that Igor posted on his YouTube channel is from 2010. 3 years later after the video of Igor – Christelle Berthon came up with interesting and beautiful version of the same song of Dire Straits. Including the video of Igor in background, she played the “Brothers in Arms” song on harmonica.

“Brothers in Arms” sound pretty amazing and beautiful on harmonica. Soulful song, beautiful interpretation – Christelle made her special song with harmonica technique, same like Igor do that but with his guitar.

Enjoy in this beautiful version of “Brothers in Arms” from Igor and Christelle.

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