‘Sultans of Swing’ – Ukulele Solo Version by Julien Régnier-Krief

‘Sultans of Swing’ – Ukulele Solo Version by Julien Régnier-Krief

Julien Régnier-Krief

Julien Régnier-Krief is a 45-years-old professional musician from France. In 2013 he made an amazing video cover by the song of Dire Straits, ‘Sultans of Swing’ on his ukulele.

The video became viral on YouTube, and today has over 200,000 views. Julien was very grateful for his chance to share something with Dire Straits fans on Dire Straits blog.

He said: “Today I live in France and I’m 45-years-old. I began with playing guitar when I was only 8-years-old, and when I was at 10, I have discovered the LP – ‘Brothers in Arms’, and I just fall in love with the music of Mark Knopfler. Today I play on keyboards, bass, and drums.”

“In the past, I had a tribute band, in which we played a lot of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler’s songs. ‘Sultans of Swing’ was just one of those songs, I played it on the guitar, but when I decided to record the video, I didn’t want to perform on a guitar. I wanted something different. So, I challenged myself,” he added.

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