The Story Behind Clapton’s ‘Old Love’ Song

The Story Behind Clapton’s ‘Old Love’ Song

The Story Behind Clapton's 'Old Love' Song

‘Old Love’ is a song by Eric Clapton from his eleventh solo studio album named ‘Journeyman’ from 1989. Clapton wrote this song with blues artist Robert Cray.

In 1988, after nine years of marriage with Pattie Boyd, Clapton divorced the model and photographer. This song documents the end of their relationship. Boyd told the Guardian newspaper on December 13, 2008, that she was hurt that he should write a song about such a sensitive subject. She said:

“The end of a relationship is a sad enough thing, but to then have Eric writing about it as well. It makes me sadder, I think because I can’t answer back.”

Although, Pattie Boyd has been the inspiration for several well-known songs of Clapton. Her first husband, George Harrison, wrote the song ‘Something’ about her, Eric Clapton’s then unrequited love for the beautiful model was documented also in the song ‘Layla’ and after they’d moved in together, Clapton penned ‘Wonderful Tonight’ for Boyd.

The video below is from the ‘Live in Hyde Park’ concert film where Eric Clapton together with his friends was presented for The Prince’s Trust and features songs from right across his career.

The concert was recorded on 29 June 1996 in London’s Hyde Park, but the VHS of the footage from the concert was released in 1997. Because of that, today we have such an amazing live-video performance from this beautiful song by Eric Clapton, and it might be one of his finest performances ever.

In the video below, you will hear the silence of the crowd how is louder than anything, and that’s the power of great musicians showing a music masterpiece. Enjoy!

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