Stéphane – A cool guy from Corsica with a lot of passion for music

Stéphane – A cool guy from Corsica with a lot of passion for music


Stéphane Pinelli is 39 years old  who lives in Corsica (a small island in the Mediterranean). He is not a professional musician, but sometimes he plays on evenings. Stéphane sent us a short video where he played a solo from Dire Straits song “Private Investigations”  on guitar.

Also we communicated with Stéphane and he told us more about what he loves to do, and what his passion is.

His passion is music, guitar and football. Stéphane started to played guitar when he was 14 years old, because in that time he started listening to Dire Straits. “Sultans of Swing” was the song that inspired him to start playing guitar.

Also Stéphane played on other instruments including: mandolin and bouzouki which is popular instrument and used in Ireland. Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton have a lot of influence on him and his passion for music and playing guitar. We communicated with him over Facebook and he told us that if he must choose one song from Dire Straits, that would be “Brothers In Arms”.

Stéphane – on left.

He said: “My motto in life is to try to be positive as much as possible and music of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler helps me on that way pretty much. I hope one day I would see Mark at one of his concerts and meet him, however that idea is a crazy dream hah”, finished Stéphane.

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