Solo of the day: ‘Sultans of Swing’

Solo of the day: ‘Sultans of Swing’

Solo of the day - Sultans of Swing

Many fans of Dire Straits are also and guitarists, but no professional. They play on guitar just for hobby. The magic which the guitar can give us is simply unexplained. The music that comes out of the guitar for everyone is different.

All waves of the music coming to our ears and we enjoyed in that. We enjoyed in the rhythms, and in the thing that is called music. Strings of the guitars is so much powerful, which just with one touch of the human hand, they create something special.

The solo of the day for Dire Straits Blog is solo from ‘Sultans of Swing’. The guy which we found on Instagram, probably is fan of the music of Dire Straits, so we decided, to share his short solo on electric guitar.

You need to know that every single solo is different in its own way, so this solo is different in its own way, but in any case it is brilliant. Below you can listen solo of the day.

Important for all fans and DSB readers:
We want to stimulate all our fans and readers to send us videos or links from YouTube where they played on guitar or singed songs from Dire Straits. We want to share all things with all our fans and readers. So do not be shy to send us something! 😉


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