“Sailing to Philadelphia” – Mark Knopfler Cover by Jake Thistle

“Sailing to Philadelphia” – Mark Knopfler Cover by Jake Thistle

“Sailing to Philadelphia” - Mark Knopfler Cover by Jake Thistle“Sailing to Philadelphia” - Mark Knopfler Cover by Jake Thistle

The talented young musician and guitarist Jake Thistle again woke up his audience with a new 10-minutes cover video. Namely, this time he has made a cover from a song “Sailing to Philadelphia” by Mark Knopfler.

In case if you have a few minutes tonight, listen to this unique song by the great Mark Knopfler. As Jake said, this is his favorite historical song about the people behind demarcating the Mason-Dixon line.

“I let it go long because I was having a great time with a great song. Next to music, history is something I’ve always been very interested in. So, it was fun to see them put together in a song like this one,” he added.

The usual caveat to this, for the big Mark Knopfler fans, is that he is always trying to keep the spirit of the song alive. As well as using the guitar to help build the version of the song.

“Like with anything I do, I’m never trying to recreate any note-for-note thing which some people don’t love. But, other people appreciate the differences. To me, the original was done and exists already, even the artists change them up in live sets.”

“What I try to do is listen to any song and do it in a way that feels true to me. I always hope comes through. I have a lot of respect for the talent that the note-for-note guys bring to their covers. It’s just not what I’m trying to do, personally.”

“I really look at great artists, like Mark Knopfler, as teachers, and my main goal in playing the music is to learn from the best to think about how that can impact original music. So, I hope you’ll like this version of the song,” he finished.

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