New guitar lesson from Pavel Fomenkov – “Love Over Gold”

New guitar lesson from Pavel Fomenkov – “Love Over Gold”

Pavel Fomenkov - Love Over Gold Lesson

Pavel Fomenkov is back with one more guitar lesson for all Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits fans. He is back with “Love Over Gold” song from the fourth album of Dire Straits.

As he said, he must warn you, because this song has around 30 chords in it. And it with six time more chords than “Sultans of Swing” and 10 times more than in “Six Blade Knife”.

In this video Pavel said that “Love Over Gold” album – which is from 1982, is home for epic songs, and the longest Mark song ever – “Telegraph Road” and the longest lyrics in his songs ever – “Industrial Disease” are all here.

This song has three ways for playing it, but you will find all details below in the video. Pavel played and discuss every part of the song. From the comments that we read below of video Pavel also added this:

For every good song there’s a man who loves it, so keep with listening good music and keep Knopflering!

“Love Over Gold” is not an easy song to learn but this video will be of help a lot. Also this song is one of the best compositions from Mark Knopfler.

All in all, there are positive comments and opinions for lessons that Pavel made. He has already 28 songs in 5 and a half hours of lessons in videos. Pavel is also happy because in 2018 we will have new songs from Mark Knopfler and new album which means additional work for him.

He said: “That would be so good, 20 more songs from Mark! I should be less lazy after all and do more lessons.”

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