New Cover Video by Jake Thistle – ‘Sultans of Swing’ on Keyboards

New Cover Video by Jake Thistle – ‘Sultans of Swing’ on Keyboards

jake-thistle-sultans-of-swing-new-cover-video-keyboards-dire-straits-blog-fan-club-videoNew Cover Video by Jake Thistle – ‘Sultans of Swing’ on Keyboards

Jake Thistle is a young musician who started his career since he was a child, and today he is a musician with a brilliant future. We already know a lot about Jake, but today we would like to share another great cover video performance of him.

You can really find a lot of things on our blog about him, but what it’s interesting is that this video is something new from him. Namely, Jake did something that he never does before. He has recorded a new video cover for the song “Sultans of Swing” but on keyboards. We already know that he is a great guitarist and all that he did, did with the guitar. So this time we need to give him a chance and listen to his 7-minutes cover on the keyboard.

“This was one of the first songs that I learned on guitar. It’s always fun to play that on guitar, especially when I sit in with different bands, and I’ve been playing it in bars one way or another since I was 10-years-old.”


“The song is always an instant hit with crowds, and musicians always have fun with it. But one of the things I like to do, especially when I play solo, is trying different things with these really well-known songs. Sometimes people forget what they’re about, or just hear familiar noises instead of paying attention to the lyrics or the composition.”

“So, I like to change up the instruments, and/or change the pace to help audiences hear the songs differently. But, really, it’s just a great song that I think works in so many ways that I wanted to see how it would work as a solo song on keys. I hope that all the readers will like it,” he finished.

Jake Thistle – Sultans of Swing (Keyboard Cover)

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