Mark Knopfler – “What It Is” – Cover by Skyway Avenue

Mark Knopfler – “What It Is” – Cover by Skyway Avenue

Skyway Avenue - Band

Three years ago we made an interview with the musicians of the band called Skyway Avenue. In case you did not read the interview – click here to check what Skyway Avenue said for Dire Straits Blog.

Today we want to share their cover video for the song by Mark Knopfler “What It Is.” This is their cover by the great Mark Knopfler. They played it a half step higher due to the tin whistle parts and gave it a new feel since Knopfler’s style of playing and singing is too unique to match.

Skyway Avenue is a band originally from Nederweert, The Netherlands. They are making their own music and have released until now one debut album called Make It Real in 2015. Rita Naus is the vocal singer for the band, Niels de Goeij is on the guitars, Thomas Atsma is on the keys and whistles, Bart Hoeben is on the bass guitars and Frank van Montfort on the drums.

Below you can listen to their cover video for the song “What It Is.” Enjoy!

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