Dire Straits & Hank Marvin Performed “Going Home” at Wembley Arena 1985 (Live Version)

Dire Straits & Hank Marvin Performed “Going Home” at Wembley Arena 1985 (Live Version)

Mark Knopfler & Hank Marvin - Live 1985 Wembley Arena, London, UK.

In 1985 Dire Straits started their Brothers in Arms World Tour which was also called Alchemy Live, because the album that accompanied the tour was Alchemy Live. The band had 13 shows in London, United Kingdom – in the Wembley Arena.

During the time when they all were in London because of their concerts and shows, the band accepted the request to perform live at the Live Aid on July 13th, 1985.

Three days before Live Aid, on July 10th, 1985 – Dire Straits performed in Wembley Arena and the most interesting fact is that Mark Knopfler has introduced his lifetime music hero and guitar idol Hank Marvin.

“So, here it is. One of the old-time favorites, the man himself Hank Brian Marvin,” Mark said. After that, Hank greeted all the musicians on the stage and they started playing together “Going Home.”

Mark Knopfler many times said that his biggest influences were Bob Dylan and of course Hank Marvin. For his lucky, on that day he had the chance to play with Hank Marvin live on the stage in Wembley Arena. It is absolutely amazing to see how they together played “Going Home” and is more fascinating to think that they are really two genius guitar players. They together have made wonderful music for us through the years.

Two guitar legends on the stage at once, how are good sounds that? Check the video, and you will find out. Besides Mark Knopfler and Hank Marvin, on the stage also were John Illsley, Jack Sonni, Alan Clark, Guy Fletcher, Chris White, and Terry Williams.

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