Live Acoustic Version of ‘Water of Love’ by Peter Arndt

Live Acoustic Version of ‘Water of Love’ by Peter Arndt

Live Acoustic Version of ‘Water of Love’ by Peter Arndt

This amazing song by Dire Straits from their debut album was performed by Peter Arndt and his band The Acoustic Groove Gang in one bar in Augsburg, Germany in the Spring of 2017.

The video which you will have a chance to listen to it below is absolutely amazing. Peter is playing on his acoustic guitar. The best sound quality that you can get it from the video is if you listen to the version on the headphones.

The singer and guitarist Peter Arndt are born in Augsburg in 1963, and the nickname “Lisboa” he got it after the musician spent a long time in Portugal. He also made regular street music during the time when he was in Lisbon, and he released a musical homage to “his” Portugal with his album Back to Tejo.

In the late 70s’ he began his musical career in various school bands. Together with the exceptional guitarist Hinz Bermann and bassist Ralf Steikowski, he founded a band called Greyhound in the early 80s’. This band was one of the leading rock formations in Augsburg until 1984. Also in the 80s’, Peter together with some other friends and musicians founded the KUKI cultural association, which he was a loyal member of the board for several years.

In the next few years from 1985 to 1987, Peter was the lead singer to one hard rock band called Kick Down, and in 1989 he was the member of the rock band Frantic Club which began its most successful musical time. At the time he wrote over 50 own songs, and some of them were later released.

With the Frantic Club, he won the 1st Pop Albert (young talent competition) in the early 1990s. This was followed by a tour of Belarus and numerous gigs all over Germany. In 2000 his album Back to Tejo was released and was particularly successful in Asia. Peter lived and worked in Laos, Southeast Asia, until 2005.

In 2006 he was back in Augsburg and he founded the band Peter Lisboa & The Acoustic Groove Gang. Since 2012 Peter has mainly played with the Argentine guitarist Daniel Vazquez and they are considered a brilliant guitar duo and play a musical blend of acoustic rock, folk, country rock and some blues music.

Today, Peter is very successful online, especially on his YouTube channel where he has very good cover versions from numerous well-known artists and bands.

Below you can listen to one of his videos covers where he played ‘Water of Love’ by Dire Straits. The video is absolutely awesome, the performance is wonderful and is really for enjoying. The guys and the band sound great and Mark Knopfler would be proud of their cover. They showed that they are really talented.

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