Solo of the Day – ‘The Man’s Too Strong’ by Dunja Zgonc

Solo of the Day – ‘The Man’s Too Strong’ by Dunja Zgonc

Dunja Zgonc

After her first solo video where she played ‘So Far Away’ by Dire Straits on her electric guitar, today we have another amazing solo video from Dunja Zgonc.

In her new solo video, Dunja played the song ‘The Man’s Too Strong’ by Dire Straits fifth studio album Brothers in Arms. The video you can find it below, and also you can read some interesting words by Dunja for our blog. Enjoy!

“I am a Dire Straits fan for about 3 years, but I also started to listen to more songs from other musicians like Bruce Springsteen. Their songs started to change my life in the music world. From both of them, I got a lot of inspiration and also the songs remind me of better taste in the music,” she said.

“I hope that more teenagers will start by listening to this kind of music, like Mark Knopfler, or Dire Straits has made it. I think that Rock music will “live” forever, but the music that other teenagers are listening to today is going to be forgotten and fade in a few years. So, they need to start changing. I’m hoping they will be smarter and will listen to rock, blues, or country,” she added.

“My parents saw how big of a fan I was and still I am of Mark Knopfler, so they bought me a ticket for his last tour called ‘Down The Road Wherever’ and of course I was crying whole the time because I could not believe that my idol was in front of my eyes. Definitely, that was my favorite day in my whole life, and it was a magical seeing and listening to the tone of Mark’s Les Paul guitar.”

Dunja Zgonc

“But what I am really proud of is that since I have my boyfriend he started to be a Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler fan. Of course, he is not as a big fan as I am but still I changed his music taste, I am proud and happy. But nobody can tell you what kind of music you will listen to. Some people like to be different. Older people take me seriously when they find out that I’m listening to “oldies goldies,” she finished.

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