Laszlo Buring: “We Have the First New Dire Straits Song Written with The Help of ChatGPT” (Video)

Laszlo Buring: “We Have the First New Dire Straits Song Written with The Help of ChatGPT” (Video)

A new Dire Straits song written with the help of ChatGPTA new Dire Straits song written with the help of ChatGPT

Another great video by Dutch songwriter, musician, and guitarist Laszlo Buring. This time, ChatGPT wrote the lyrics, and Laszlo composed his own music for them.

This is a brand new video cover of the song that ChatGPT wrote at the request of Laszlo. Specifically, Laszlo asked ChatGPT to write a lyric about the word ‘nostalgia’, but in the style of Dire Straits.

What you will see and hear below is the result of Laszlo’s request. A few weeks ago, Laszlo polled for the subject of his new project, and ‘nostalgia’ received the majority of the votes.

Furthermore, Laszlo has shared some exclusive information about his newest video for our blog. The latest video we shared on our blog about Laszlo’s covers was a song by Guns N’ Roses but in the style of Dire Straits.

Listen to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” – If It Were Written by Dire Straits – Cover by Laszlo Buring

ChatGPT has been in the news a lot lately, with discussions about its dangers, flaws, and usefulness. “Personally, I thought it would make for a nice musical experiment to see how well it could write lyrics in a certain style,” Laszlo said.

“In this experiment, I asked ChatGPT to write a song about nostalgia. It came up with some very generic and cliché lyrics. So, I let the AI do it again, and again. The lyrics it came up with were all quite mediocre, but each of them had a few sentences that worked, so I decided to mash them together. All the best parts in one song. It’s still not the greatest story ever told, but it has some nice elements,” he added.

Laszlo also asked ChatGPT about the key and tempo of the song. ChatGPT gave him the options of E, A, or D minor for the key, and between 120 and 140 bpm (beats per minute) for the tempo. Ultimately, Laszlo decided to make the song in D minor, the same key as the song “Sultans of Swing”, and went with 130 bpm.

“I then went to work with what the AI gave me. The lyrics consist of two verses, a chorus, a third verse, and a final chorus. So, I came up with a cool progression for that in the key of D minor and decided to top it off with a guitar solo,” he said.

“Personally, I don’t think AI is yet able to replace humans when it comes to making music. But, it’s certainly progressing fast. However, I feel like it can definitely be used as a tool to write your own music. It can give information about themes, chord structures, and music history. But, what makes music beautiful, of course, is the heart and the stories behind it, which always come from the people,” Laszlo finished.

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