“Iron Hand” – Dire Straits Cover by Giulio Cattarini

“Iron Hand” – Dire Straits Cover by Giulio Cattarini

iron-hand-dire-straits-cover-by-giulio-cattarini-guitar-stories-blog-news-fan-club“Iron Hand” – Dire Straits Cover by Giulio Cattarini

The Italian guitarist and musician – Giulio Cattarini is back again on DSB with a new guitar performance. This time he made a new cover video of the song “Iron Hand” by Dire Straits. Namely, as he said a few months ago, he finally made this cover. It’s a full cover performance on his guitar, which he recorded in his Italian studio.

Officially the video was uploaded and shared on Giulio’s YouTube channel, on December 23, 2021. “As I announced a few months ago, finally I made the cover of ‘Iron Hand’ by Dire Straits,” he said.

For those who are still unfamiliar with Giulio, he is an Italian guitarist who has made many video covers from some of the famous songs. In particular, he makes video edits and his own versions of the songs by Dire Straits or Mark Knopfler.

Giulio is our longtime friend, reader, and follower of Dire Straits Blog. He is always here to surprise our fans with a new guitar performance. Giulio is especially glad to record his video versions with the equipment that he has in his own studio.

For our blog, he shared some information and details about how he recorded this video. You can read more below and click HERE to find out about Giulio’s previous videos.

“This new video cover is recorded with an EKO Evo D Acoustic guitar and a Shure SM57 dynamic microphone through an Audient ID4 audio interface. It was filmed with a Sony Nex mirrorless camera and arranged and mixed with Garage Band IOS,” he added.

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