Exclusive interview plus extra-premiere music video with Brookelyn Rose

Exclusive interview plus extra-premiere music video with Brookelyn Rose

Brookeyln Rose

Brookelyn Rose is one amazing and talented girl with beautiful deep voice. She is from Philadelphia but she currently lives in Los Angeles. Brookelyn is singer and songwriter and now she releases her new music video and single “Promises” of her EP – “Does She Know”.

Brookelyn and her badnmates are currently performing across Los Angeles. She mixes rock and pop sounds with soul influence to create music that is relatable, honest and fun. Her first single, “Does She Know” was released on March 9. Brookelyn write her own music and lyrics and she collaborate with Kairos Music Group.

Two days ago we get email from Brookelyn and in the email that she sent to us, was the link from her new song and music video. We listened to the song and we realized that we must give her big support. Because today is the premiere of her new video song, we made interview with Brookelyn. Enjoy and listen to her new song “Promises”.

Interview with Brookelyn Rose

Brookeyln Rose

How old are you, where do you live and where are you from?
I just turned 26 last week. I live in Los Angeles, CA but I’m originally from Philadelphia, PA.

Tell us something more about you, who is she Brookelyn. Tell us some general information about your character and what’s the thing you most want to do in your life? 🙂

I’m not a hipster. I’m your best friend who will tell you when you’ve got something caught in your teeth. My main goal is to travel around the world performing my music and making a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love to cook and I’ve got an insane sweet tooth. I’m also a huge movie and TV show fan, so if I’m not in the studio or performing, I’m probably at home watching ‘Game of Thrones with ice cream in front of me!

From when you began to sing?
I remember the first time I sang in front of a large group of people was in my 4th grade class. I sang “The Way You Do The Things You Do” by The Temptations, after my teacher asked us what our favorite song was. But I had been singing at family gatherings before that.

Do you play on some instrument?
I’ve played drums on and off for about 4 years and you can hear me playing on “Promises”.

Did you have someone in your family who is already musician or you are the first one which have professional music career?

There was always music in my house growing up, but I’m the first person to do it professionally. My dad was a magician before becoming a baker so I got my first taste of the spotlight when I was his “Little Assistant” during his shows.

My mom used to sing in her middle and high school choirs and she always had a beautiful voice. Then, there’s my brother who had a great voice…before puberty hit him (haha), and we used to sing covers of NSYNC and Backstreet Boys all the time. These people solidified my love of music at a very early age.

We heard that you have deep and beautiful voice. Which genres do you mostly want to sing?

I’m focusing on pop/rock sounds but there’s definitely a soul influence in all of my music. I grew up on Motown/Funk and of course, 90s Pop, so I have a very eclectic taste and musical style. But, within the past 2 years or so, I’ve gotten really into classic rock and I love the roughness and emotion in that genre. So, my music is between pop and rock.

How did you started to work with music?

I wrote and recorded my first EP back in 2010 in New York City. It was an amazing learning experience, but my focus was on completing college, which didn’t leave me much room to record more music. I played at some smaller venues in New York and Philly, and then, after graduating, I moved out to LA.

At first I was trying my hand at acting, but quickly realized that I wasn’t being fulfilled. I went back to my roots and followed my heart to where my true passion lies, which is music. I got in contact with Wes Kos and Kairos Music Group in LA and we began creating my new EP.

I wrote the lyrics and melodies and Wes and I worked together to make the amazing instrumentals. Wes understood my music and pushed me to new vocal heights!

How many songs do you already have?

Until now I have five songs total. As my prior EP which have also five songs. I’m writing more songs now and working with my band to come up with dope beats, because I’m planning on recording a full album within the next year.

What kind of music do you like and who is your favorite music bands/artists?

I listen to a lot of different genres and artists. Right now I’m heavy into Bishop Briggs and Kendrick Lamar. But I also love everything from Nirvana to Adele. It really just depends on what mood I’m in.

Tell us the whole story about your new song and music video “Promises”?

I wrote this song about a year after ending a long term relationship. I was in the car and the words just came to me. I was thinking about time and how long would it take to fully heal from the loss of a romantic partner.

I was thinking about how I’d coped with heart break and what was left after it ended. The lyrics, ”All I’ve got left is this empty box full of your promises”, just made sense. There’s so many memories that you just have to cast aside and put away in order to move forward. I wanted the music video to depict the pre and post breakup mentality and how love changes over time but you’re able to grow and become your best self.

What can expect audience from you after this?
I’m going to be releasing the rest of the tracks off my EP within the year and making music videos to go along with them as well. I’m also playing shows across Los Angeles, so I hope to see you all out there!

What is your motto in life and what is that which motivates you to continue with good vibes and positive energy in life?

I believe that if you open yourself up to positivity and put goodness out into the world, the universe will put positivity on to you.

I’m motivated by the circle of people that I surround myself with. My friends are so incredibly talented and they’re the ones who made this music video come to life. Everyone involved is a friend of mine and they’re the most wonderfully badass people I know.

I’m so thankful for my family, friends and fans for supporting me through every step of this journey. They’re my inspiration.

And for the end can you tell something to all fans who read the Dire Straits Blog?
Thank you so much for loving my music and supporting independent artists. Your emails, messages and comments make my day and fill my heart with so much love.

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