Mark Knopfler and his Spanish fans in Barcelona

Mark Knopfler and his Spanish fans in Barcelona


Fact is that Mark Knopfler with Dire Straits has fans from all around the world. At the period of the days when Mark filled the stadiums with the band, there were many fans who memorized that moment.

Today, thanks to the internet we have all the information about their concerts. 4-months-ago on the internet, one Spanish website published story about one fan which was on Dire Straits concert back in 1992 in Barcelona.

The legendary Mark Knopfler had three concerts in a row (8,9 and 10 May). That was Europe tour of “On Every Street”, in Barcelona, Spain. The concerts were at Plaza de Toros Monumental and they were filled with more of 18,000 people.

There is no discussion, Dire Straits were one mega-band. The interesting thing is that on one of the concerts, Mark Knopfler was dressed in FC Espanyol jersey. For those who do not know, Espanyol is from Barcelona same like FC Barcelona, and they are rival clubs in Spanish soccer.

That concert was legendary and mythic at the same time. Because it was not a time of digital cameras and smart telephones, one of fans who was on that concert, with his camera, captured the moment when Mark was dressed in that jersey.

Mark Knopfler in FC Espanyol jersey (1992).

And after 25 years of that legendary concert, there are still Spanish fans of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler. 2 days ago, officially started the biggest soccer “show” – UEFA Champions League. Lionel Messi is biggest star of FC Barcelona and one of the best players in the world.

One day before Champions League started, he showed his musical skills on the piano by playing the anthem of the UEFA Champions League.

The interesting thing is that on 9 September 2017, FC Barcelona have their game with FC Espanyol in Spanish league – La Liga. Lionel Messi scored the first three goals in 25, 36 and 67 minutes, and at the end Barca win with the final score of 5-0.

On that game, there was fan of FC Barcelona but also the fan of Mark Knopfler. Check picture below, you will find out that after 25 years something is still connected with Barcelona and Mark Knopfler. 😉

Camp Nou – 9 September 2017. Picture by Paul Crockford shared on his Instagram profile.

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