“Down to The Waterline” – Dire Straits Cover by Wes Leurs

“Down to The Waterline” – Dire Straits Cover by Wes Leurs

“Down to The Waterline” – Dire Straits Cover by Wes Leurs“Down to The Waterline” – Dire Straits Cover by Wes Leurs

“His Mark On Us” is an online cover band formed by three young Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler fans. Via the Facebook group about Mark Knopfler fans, they got to know each other and started with making video covers.

You probably already know Wes Leurs who several times has shared his work and cover videos on Dire Straits Blog. He is back again with another interesting video for all Dire Straits fans. This time his band made a cover video of the song “Down to The Waterline.”

For now, the band counts only three musicians including Wes Leurs as a lead guitar and vocal singer, Bo Zolner who is playing strumming guitar, bass, and mixing, and Daan Theoden at drums. Also, Nils Mejis is the guy who is working with video editing.

Each song starts by analyzing and recording the drum track. From there, rhythm guitar and bass lines are added. Finally, the vocals and lead guitar are laid out on top of the track. The song is then mixed and mastered along the lines of the original but with the band’s own taste and modern techniques incorporated.

After being inactive for 4 years, “His Mark On Us” now plans to upload more frequently to their YouTube channel. You can also find their original material on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Find more about Wes Leurs and his music work – here.

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