Cover of the day: ‘Piper to the End’ by Giulio Cattarini

Cover of the day: ‘Piper to the End’ by Giulio Cattarini

Giulio Cattarini

Giulio Cattarini is a guy from Italy, who is a big fan of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler. He shows his passion of music with making video covers on his YouTube channel. He has made more than 15 video covers in his own style of playing electric guitar and singing.

Last time when we hear something new from Giulio, it was 15 days ago. Today, we have interesting 6-minutes cover by him – ‘Piper to the End’ from Mark Knopfler.

“I’m back again with new MK cover – ‘Piper to the End’ that was recorded in a very short time. As always, I used my beloved Fender American red Stratocaster equipped with D’Addario strings 009-042. For the vocal parts I used an Audio Technica condenser microphone along with a roland quad capture audio interface. All my cables are Mogami platinum that give really transparent sound and very accurate dynamics”, said Giulio.

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