‘Brothers in Band’ – A tribute band that fills all theaters in Europe

‘Brothers in Band’ – A tribute band that fills all theaters in Europe


Óscar Rosende had 14 years old when a guitar fell into his hands. Rosende currently leads ‘Brothers In Band’, a tribute band to Dire Straits. They fill theaters and auditoriums between 1,000 and 2,000 people throughout Spain and other European countries.

In the car of my father were groups like Boston, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan or Crosby, Still & Nash. His favorite song was ‘So Far Away’, from the album ‘Brothers In Arms’ of 1985. But when the guitar conformed to his fingers, he knew that his role as a fan was going to go beyond listening to those tapes”, said Óscar.

‘Brothers In Band’  is band from Spain, formed in 2008 in A Coruña municipality of Galicia, Spain. Firstly, they started to perform around Spain and after that, their fans and fans of Dire Straits (which long time were not see someone to perform DS songs live) wanted more and more of that magic, so they decided to made tour around Spain and other countries in Europe.

They one day were in Gijon and another in Bilbao. They played in Valencia as they did in Madrid. ‘Brothers In Band’ during the 2017, have a lot of concerts and that would be same in 2018. Their 2018 tour will start from February 2018 in Spain and would be end in April 2018 in Germany. In that 2 months ‘Brothers In Band’ will perform in Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Rosende said:

The judgement of the people who come to see us is so important. They are fans who know by heart the repertoire, who want it to be played all the same and demand a lot. They know all the songs, and we try to give them full originality.”

Rosende uses Knopfler’s same finger picking technique and also uses equal guitars like the beautiful National Resophonic model which illustrates the cover of ‘Brothers in Arms’ album.

Óscar Rosende

The most ambitious tour of Brothers in Band was ‘The Very Best of Dire Straits Show’. That is tour which people enjoy again in the greatest hits of Dire Straits between 1978 and 1991. Somehow this band is time machine and with a perfect selected set list, they make a ‘big party’ in the heads of people’s memory of several generations.

In ‘The Very Best of Dire Straits’, Brothers in Band – offers an elegant and very nurtured stage show, a musical direction arranged for the occasion with the best of the extensive set list of Mark Knopfler. From the crystal clear sound from ‘Down to the Waterline’ from 1978 to the mythical riff of ‘Money for Nothing’, through songs such as ‘Telegraph Road’, ‘Lady Writer’, ‘So Far Away’, ‘Industrial Disease’, ‘Tunnel of Love’, ‘Romeo & Juliet’, ‘Sultans of Swing’ and many others.

Brothers In Band

“At European level, and I think I could say at American level, we are the tribute band to Dire Straits with more production and technical deployment than exists. We were trying to play, and we were trying to be so much correct in the performing of songs of course to made a master professionalization”, says Rosende.

Band members:
Oscar Rosende – Vocals, main guitar
Fernando Abenza – Electric bass, backing vocals
Antonio Abad – Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Iago Mouriño – Piano & keyboards
Adrián Solla – Keyboards
Jose Garcia – Sax, Flute, Backing vocals
Pablo Gisbert – Pedal Steel Guitar
Ruben Montes – Percussion
Miguel Queixas – Drums


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