Bass Cover of the Song “Love Over Gold” by Fabio Fusco

Bass Cover of the Song “Love Over Gold” by Fabio Fusco

Bass Cover of the Song “Love Over Gold” by Fabio FuscoBass Cover of the Song “Love Over Gold” by Fabio Fusco

Fabio Fusco is a 25-years-old musician and bass player. He is from Italy and currently, he is living in the beautiful city of Chieti in the Abruzzo region. “I’m a bassist and sound engineer. Also, I work as a technician in Mark Bass factory here in Chieti,” he said.

On May 5, 2020, he published his personal interpretation and bass cover of the song “Love Over Gold” by Dire Straits.

“Dire Straits are in my heart. I started playing bass guitar eight years ago. Firstly, I started to play on John Illsley’s basslines. I’m also in an Italian Dire Straits cover band called Private Investigators. ‘Love Over Gold’ is my favorite song and I preferred to play on my guitar. I covered that song in my studio, with fretless bass during the lockdown here in my country,” he added.

We have asked Fabio a couple of questions and he gave us interesting answers. He told us that he was lucky enough to have an excellent teacher. Valter Robuffo was Fabio’s teacher. He was a bassist and old lover of Italian music. Valter also has performed with Drupi, and Lena Biolcati. They are Italian musicians.

Fabio has started playing the bass guitar by watching the concerts of Dire Straits. Then he started watching John Illsley and also Italian musician Paolo Donnarumma.

What advice would you give beginners who are nervous?

“In my opinion, music is done calmly and with the heart. So, I would like to say to beginners to study for sure but to put their hearts in it and listen to anything.”

What are your musical influences?

“Fortunately for me, I have a lot of musical influences. I love songwriting pop, rock, music from the 80s as well as the sounds which are being rediscovered and are back in fashion today. I started working in Mark Bass about seven years ago. There my musical culture has had a great turning point. In addition to the job of a technician I also perform the function of sound engineer for the events. So, I have met many international artists and I got to work with them. In my opinion, the most important thing for a musician as well as for a sound engineer is to always listen to everything. It’s like reading for a writer,” he finished.

Fabio Fusco – Love Over Gold (Bass Cover)

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