Anabela Silva Released Her First Debut Single “Angel”

Anabela Silva Released Her First Debut Single “Angel”

Down below you can listen to the first debut singe by Anabela Silva called "Angel"

Did you remember on Anabela Silva, the girl from Portugal with an amazing voice who plays on the acoustic guitar, and covered a few songs by Dire Straits?

She is back again, this time with her first and debut single called “Angel.” This is the first song by Anabela Silva released on April 26, 2020.

Back in 2017, Dire Straits Blog has supported her work and today we want to present to you her new single “Angel” which is made to be one of the songs on her upcoming album called “Clouds.”

“Angel” was written back in 2015 but this song finally has seen the light this year. This song is composed by a simple melody and lyrics but it carries complex feelings written by a 20-year-old Anabela at the time, matured for 5-years, when it was recorded.

Bands like Dire Straits and musicians like Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez, and Neil Young are the main influences of the singer-songwriter.

“This song I wrote many years ago, finally published as a single for an upcoming album. It’s my first ever released song, so I hope you enjoy it!”

This song has received positive comments and reviews on YouTube. Here is one of the comments on YouTube. The gentleman under the name Cravo G. Silveira wrote a comment: “Wonderful, sweet voice, brings tears to my eyes. I’m serious.”

Anabela and Dire Straits

You can listen to the song down below, as well you can click here and read the full interview with Anabela Silva for Dire Straits Blog and listen to her cover video for the song “Romeo and Juliet.”

Also, you can click here to listen to the cover version of “So Far Away” by Anabela Silva, and “Why Worry” – click here and enjoy!

If you like the song, please give support to Anabela and give us a comment!

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